October General Meeting

October General Meeting
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
520 Elliot Street
Charlotte, NC  28202

We have a returning guest speaker this month. Mike Weaver first presented to our group an overview of products he had developed over his career as a serial inventor and entrepreneur. This was my first INotC meeting several years ago. Mike's second presentation summarized his thoughts about what is important to achieving entrepreneurial success.

For our October 8th 2015 general meeting Mike will be presenting example Rocket Pitches and Introductory Briefings that he has used to promote interest in his Shelf-Metrics™ developments enabling Retail Shelf Transparency for retailers and consumer product manufacturers.

  • Mike will demonstrate his Shelf-Eyes™ Mobile Surveyor and Auditor (SEMSA™) unit that captures high resolution images of retail gondola shelves, peg displays, cooler displayed products and promotional displays to originate each store's image database used to deliver actionable information.
  • This will be an excellent opportunity to see how a new commercial solution first captures attention (Rocket Pitch) and the follow up Introductory Briefings that creates decision-maker's desire to learn more.
  • Mike Weaver is the founder and Managing Member of Intrinsic Marks International, LLC (IMI). Mike launched IMI in 2001 as his technology incubator and has served as its Managing Member since IMI's beginning.
  • Mike coordinates a talented and balanced development team that focuses on IMI's mission of creating high perceived value solutions through innovative techniques easily recognized as leading edge by perspective clients, customers, and partners and the USPTO (patent office). IMI's emphasis goes beyond innovation as an end to itself. IMI focuses on identifying break through best practice business solutions then teams with early adapter clients to pilot test and roll out field proven solutions.
  • Currently Mike and his Shelf-Metrics™ development team are creating an integrated Retail Shelf Transparency solution to enhance Planogram compliance, for Out-of-Stock mitigation, for improving Price Tag Integrity and Promotions Auditing based around the Shelf-Eyes™ Mobile Survey and Auditing (SEMSA™) image capture platform.
  • Mike's previously launched commercial solutions that merit spinning out into their own business visibility include in 2004 when IMI created then launched UIDexpress. This web site was the first Internet supplier of Department of Defense (DoD) mandated IUID labels and plates, supporting an emerging requirement of all DoD suppliers. UIDexpress has grown at a minimum of 15% annually for 10 years now serving over 200 customers ranging from Lockheed Martin Aerospace, The Boeing Company, Northrop Grumman to small 2nd tier suppliers to prime contractors.

    Prior to starting IMI in 2001 Mike had over 30 years of innovation, product development, entrepreneurial and business development experience. In 1982 Mike launched Charlotte, NC based Hand Held Products, Inc. (www.handheld.com now part of Honeywell) serving as Chairman, CEO and COO through 1994 growing HHP from 4th bedroom start up to $25M+ annual revenues with 200 employees worldwide. During his career Mike has been awarded 9 US and several international patents.

    Mike is a member of the AIDC 100 and is a member of the Inventor's Network of the Carolinas.

    Mike graduated from Miami University with a bachelor's degree in Biology and Wright State University with a MBA concentrating in R&D management. He also holds a Certificate in Data Processing. Mike and Karen have 2 children; and 4 grandchildren.


    Always remember to invite friends or business associates which would benefit from INotC. Collectively we have a deep wealth of knowledge as a group. Invite other inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, financiers, professors, manufactures and anyone else that would enjoy the process and business of product development. Knowledge is power!!

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