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May General Meeting

May General Meeting

5-9-2013 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

520 Elliot Street Charlotte NC, 28202

-This is going to be a great meeting. Jolly Chia will be speaking with the Inventors Network for the May general meeting with her words of wisdom about the business industry and its relationship to product development and publishing.

-Chia-Li Chien

-Chia-Li Chien, “JOLLY!” She is CEO and chief strategist at Value Growth Institute, dedicated to creating business value that transforms your world.

-Chia-Li is also a Midas Advisor to MidasNation, a community dedicated to helping private business owners increase the value of their firms.

-She is the award-winning author of Show Me The Money

and faculty member of American Management Association. Her blog and newsletter was recently named a top small business resource by the New York Times “You’re the Boss” blog.-She is available for consulting, speaking engagements and workshops.-She can be reached at:


Last Months Meeting

 -Jerry Oakes


-Jerry gave a presentation on commercialization and what it takes to make it in the product development industry. He currently runs a consulting company for inventors.

-Jerry can be reached at :  or 704.323.5000

  • This meeting cost $20 for guest and is free to members
  • Yearly dues for members are due in January for 2013, which is $75 for the entire year.
  • Check and Cash are accepted.
  • Thank you once again for supporting the INotC.


  • Collectively when we network, mountains can be moved!
  • Through creativity, we can develop a civilization worth living in!
  • When we commercialize, we give our value and vision to the world!

Network, Develop, Commercialize

We look forward to seeing you

Building info: There has been some construction at Enventys and street parking maybe needed. If you have not been to our meetings before, the building is located at the end of Elliot street on the right. Then you go through the fence and down the driveway. The front door is located on the left side. Once you go in follow the hall way to the end then go through the door and turn left to the meeting room door.

President – Brian James

Flourish and Prosper