Articles from February 2014

March General Meeting


6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

520 Elliot Street

Charlotte NC, 28202

Greetings Product Developers/Inventors.

Due to inclement weather, the topic for February was moved to our March meeting.

Once again we have another interesting speaker at the INOTC general meeting. Bill
Watson is the manager for a 3D printing company here in Charlotte NC.

Bill Watson is the manager of Duncan-Parnell’s 3D Printing and Mechanical Engineering
Technology Division and the founder of the first color 3D printing business in the
Mid-Atlantic. Bill’s passion for emerging product development technologies and
their manufacturing applications stems from his early background as a mechanical
design and development engineer at both Caterpillar and Cummins Engine.

He will be giving a live demo with printing and speaking on other subjects such

  • Color 3D printing
  • Mechanical Prototypes
  • Architectural Models
  • 3D scanning

Contact Bill Watson

Anvil Prototype & Design

A Division of Duncan Parnell, Inc.

Office: 704-372-7770 x255

Cell: 919-924-6120


Last Month

Steven B Radney

Steven Radney earned his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with
a minor in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University and is currently pursuing
a Masters in Product Development at Carnegie Mellon University.

Over the past fifteen years, Steven has worked extensively as both an engineer
and an industrial designer, in corporate, consulting and startup capacities. His
talent for innovation has resulted in the successful launch of life changing products
and services. Currently, Steven is both consulting and leading the design and development
of VitalClip, a wearable computing startup focused on improving population health.

Some of his recent work can be viewed here:


  • This meeting cost $20 for guest
  • Now that we are at the middle of the year, the dues are prorated at 40$ for the remainder of the year.
  • Check and Cash are accepted.
  • Thank you once again for supporting the INotC.


  • Collectively when we network, mountains can be moved!
  • Through creativity, we can develop a civilization worth living in!
  • When we commercialize, we give our value and vision to the world!

Network, Develop, Commercialize

We look forward to seeing you.

Building  info: If you have not been to our meetings before, the building is  located at the end of Elliot street on the right. Then you go through  the fence and down the driveway. The front door is located on the left  side. Once you go in follow the hall way to the end then go through the  door and turn left to the meeting room door.

President – Brian James

Flourish and Prosper

We look forward to seeing  you.