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July General Meeting

July General Meeting
6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
520 Elliot Street
Charlotte, NC  28202

I am proud to introduce our July speaker which is a friend of mine, and has been one of my inspirations while getting into the sustainable energy industry. He has been involved with Re Venture Park, which is an Eco Friendly industrial park in Charlotte NC which is setting a new standard for NC is how to revitalize abandoned factories.

Watch Reventure Video At This Link:

He has two organizing principles when it comes to business that he will teach us which he has learned from his career: “a fast no is better than a long maybe” and “perfect is the enemy of the good.”

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Rich Deming started his career as a journalist in Europe, then built a commercial construction company from scratch to $30 million in annual revenue, and for the last 13 years has worked in multiple roles in renewable energy: adviser and project manager to governments (Energy Lead at the Centralina Council of Governments, 2008-2011), manager for public and private funding for private sector renewables technology and projects, and now renewable energy project developer, mostly focusing on Energy-from-Waste projects. His current primary focus involves generating energy from poultry litter at three sites in eastern North Carolina and supporting EfW project development partners in three countries in Africa.

Rich has been interested in the development and commercialization of IP since 2004, when he was issued a patent for a construction process he invented. Because Rich has been adept at raising funds-he has played a significant role in raising over $5 million in funding, mostly from the Dept. of Energy-he has regularly been approached with new technologies in search of funding and other assistance on the path to commercialization.Sometimes against his better judgment, Rich has pursued his “inner geek” for several of these technologies and has worked extensively for the last decade commercializing a cutting edge EfW technology. His current IP-related projects include development of an innovative method of producing biochar from waste industrial steam and bringing to market a method of low-energy production of advanced ethanol from wood waste using fungi.

Rich has been awarded numerous awards for his activities over the years, from 2008 Sustainability Champion by the NC Sustainable Business Council in Raleigh to the 2014 Energy Leadership Award by the Charlotte Business Journal. He has written on energy-related topics for the National Journal, appeared on multiple panels at national conferences and written two guidebooks related to renewable energy and biofuels. He has two organizing principles when it comes to business: “a fast no is better than a long maybe” and “the perfect is the enemy of the good.”

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June Meeting

Speaker: David J. Warner:

David spoke with the INOTC about his work at the Technology Incubator in RockHill South Carolina He is dedicated to supporting people that are launching products into the market place.

David J. Warner, Director
Technology Incubator @ Knowledge Park
157 E. Main Street, Suite 500
Rock Hill, SC 29730


Always remember to invite friends or business associates which would benefit from INotC. Collectively we have a deep wealth of knowledge as a group. Invite other inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, financiers, professors, manufactures and anyone else that would enjoy the process and business of product development. Knowledge is power!!


-This meeting cost $20 for guest or $75 for the entire year.
-Check and Cash are accepted.
-Thank you once again for supporting the INotC.

-Collectively when we network, mountains can be moved!

-Through creativity, we can develop a civilization worth living in!

When we commercialize, we give our value and vision to the world! Network, Develop, Commercialize We look forward to seeing you Building info: If you have not been to our meetings before, the building is located at the end of Elliot street on the right. Then you go through the fence and down the driveway. The front door is located on the left side. Once you go in follow the hall way to the end then go through the door and turn left to the meeting room door.

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