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July General Meeting

July General Meeting


6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

520 Elliot Street

Charlotte, NC  28202


The July general meeting has arrived. Brian James, which is the current INOTC president
since 2012 will be delivering a pilot workshop for this coming meeting, and discussing
how to improve on the product development process as well as discussions about new

  • Basic Workshop Overview:
    • Ideas
      Market Research
      Patent Research
      Intellectual Property
      Business Planning

  • Other Details:
    • Discussing and reviewing INOTC resources
      How to improve on existing workshop
      Partnerships toward new technology and opportunities for INOTC members and guest
      Patents 101
      Financing 101
      Exponential technology


    Last Meeting (June)

    3D Design and Printing

    Patrick Oltmanm was the June speaker. He shared details about his experience in
    the mold-less plastic manufacturing company Click-Fold and how 3D design and printing
    integrate into their industry.
    Click Fold Overview

      This “mold-less” technology uses CNC machining and CNC line-bending to make plastic
      parts without the need for molds or fixtures
      3D Printing
      The business model targets buyers of prototypes and small volumes who need custom
      designs on a budget
      The technology also targets buyers who anticipate frequent design changes
      Added digital printing capabilities in 2010 to further eliminate the need for silk
      Recipient of a NC workforce development grant in 2011
      Surpassed 1 million in annual sales in 2011
      Sponsor of the Ronald McDonald House
      Sponsor of the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Young Eagles Program

    Patrick Oltmanns
    1-866-649-8665 x 701

    Always remember to invite friends or business associates which would benefit from INotC. Collectively we have a deep wealth of knowledge as a group. Invite other inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, financiers, professors, manufactures and anyone else that would enjoy the process and business of product development. Knowledge is power!!


    • This meeting cost $20 for guest or $75 for the entire year.
    • Check and Cash are accepted.
    • Thank you once again for supporting the INotC.


    • Collectively when we network, mountains can be moved!
    • Through creativity, we can develop a civilization worth living in!

    When we commercialize, we give our value and vision to the world! Network, Develop, Commercialize We look forward to seeing you Building info: If you have not been to our meetings before, the building is located at the end of Elliot street on the right. Then you go through the fence and down the driveway. The front door is located on the left side. Once you go in follow the hall way to the end then go through the door and turn left to the meeting room door.

    INotC Website President

    Brian James

    Flourish and Prosper