About Us

Welcome to Inventors’ Network of the Carolinas!

Our Mission.INotC is dedicated to empowering inventors through education, support, and networking opportunities.

By seeking out answers to the many questions that face all inventors, you have taken a huge step toward successful inventing.

The best way to protect yourself and your ideas is through education. One important thing to remember is that any one idea can have many different paths to successful commercialization. By doing your homework, you can identify opportunities, avoid scams, and navigate through the bewildering mountain of information and advice.

Inventors’ Network of the Carolinas is a non-profit support group connecting inventors to professional business resources that can guide and inspire the invention process, thereby creating successful commercial ventures. We are a member of the United Inventors Association, a national organization that connects many inventor support groups across America.

Our monthly sponsored events are the best way to engage other inventors and resources for inventors. We can help you find the answers that you are looking for through valuable networking opportunities. These meetings are open to the membership and paid guests highlighting dynamic speakers covering the educational as well as inspirational needs of the audience while beginner sessions will introduce members to the invention and commercialization process.

We have the unique opportunity to be a resource where innovators can find the confidence to safely take those first difficult steps toward seeing their ideas fully realized while experienced inventors and businesses will find a dynamic group where they can develop new contacts and prosper.

By putting our Mission Statement into practice, we achieve several goals:

  1. Educate inventors to understand the financially successful idea-invention-product cycle.
  2. Help inventors avoid scams by individuals and companies that would take their money and not provide fair services for fair compensation.
  3. See viable products from local inventors go to market creating financially successful endeavors.
  4. Witness inventors financially rewarded for their ideas, inventions, and products.
  5. Have successful inventors give back to the group and the community through coaching and mentoring.

You may already have an idea or product. Even if you have secured a patent, you may have many questions. Please join us every month as we take the mystery and frustration out of the invention process.

Brian James – President

Scott Tarcy – V.P.

Will Peters – IT and Marketing

Brian Macdonald – Science Officer

Terry Moser – Founding Director & Advisor and Treasurer

Matt King – Financial Advisor

Brian Federal – Futurist