August General Meeting

August General Meeting

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
520 Elliot Street
Charlotte, NC  28202

Lets really look at what we are doing as inventors and entrepreneurs to get our project to the next level. This will be a mastermind meeting for those who attend and we will be focusing on effectiveness and target setting.

Group Focus:

Stephen Covey wrote the book The 7 Habit of Highly Effective People

    Be proactive
    Begin with the end in mind
    Put first things first
    Think win-win
    Seek first to understand, then to be understood
    Sharpen the saw

We will be discussing the importance of Stephens concepts and how this relates to achieving your innovations goals.

Setting real targets

    What is the one big thing that needs to happen this week for you to know that you are going to move forward?
    What are the 4 important steps to achieve this big target?
    What will it REALLY take for you to set these targets every week?

These topics are being focused on so we can push further and accomplish more.

Bring your lap top if desired or note pad for brain storming.


Advisory Council

We have been building up the INOTC advisory council and our resource page.

We have also listed on the website a list of links to past meetings. We have listing as far back as 2012 (Home page, bottom right hand corner)


Last Meeting – July 2018

Matthew King

-Our INOTC board member Matthew King spoke to the group about financing in the innovation industry and how to overcome
the challenges that face inventors in today’s marketplace.

Contact Info:
Matthew T. King, MBA | Chief Compliance Officer & Investment Specialist
Titan Industries And Holdings
M. (704) 231-8152


Always remember to invite friends or business associates which would benefit from INotC. Collectively we have a deep wealth of knowledge as a group. Invite other inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, financiers, professors, manufactures and anyone else that would enjoy the process and business of product development. Knowledge is power!!


  • This meeting cost $20 for guest or $75 for the entire year.
  • Check and Cash are accepted.
  • Thank you once again for supporting the INotC.


  • Collectively when we network, mountains can be moved!
  • Through creativity, we can develop a civilization worth living in!

When we commercialize, we give our value and vision to the world! Network, Develop, Commercialize We look forward to seeing you Building info: If you have not been to our meetings before, the building is located at the end of Elliot street on the right. Then you go through the fence and down the driveway. The front door is located on the left side. Once you go in follow the hall way to the end then go through the door and turn left to the meeting room door.

INotC Website President
Brian James
Flourish and Prosper

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