Want to help inventors and get the word out about your company?

Join us as a sponsor and be a part of a community devoted to really helping inventors.

We host monthly sponsored events that are open to the membership and paid guests. These events highlight dynamic speakers and cover the educational as well as the inspirational needs of the audience. Educational topics will focus on intellectual property law and the product development process. Successful inventors will speak about their first-hand experiences. Beginner sessions will introduce members to the invention and commercialization process, and we will have a catered social afterwards providing the all-important networking opportunities.

While a hobby group could bring interested inventors together easier, creating a professional support organization in Charlotte has many advantages, such as

  • Better chance of long-term success through education, support, and networking
  • Being the type of organization that truly helps inventors instead of discouraging them
  • Community visibility
  • Industry press in the form of local success stories

There are two remaining levels of sponsorship opportunities available for the Inventors’ Network of the Carolinas. Each of these is described below. Please contact one of the board members if you are interested in joining the group as either a Contributing Sponsor or an Event Sponsor.

Contributing Sponsors


  • Attendance at meetings/events by two (2) employees of business
  • Name listed on website and promotional materials
  • Networking opportunities with inventors
  • Networking opportunities with relevant service providers
  • Educational lectures covering topics including:
    • Intellectual property
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Product development
    • Business formation
    • Cost: $1500.00

Event Sponsors

  • Firm/business logo on mailings related to particular event
  • “Clickable” firm/business logo on webpage describing the particular event
  • Opportunity to introduce speakers and provide brief summary of how your firm/business can help members
  • Signage location at event being sponsored to provide information to interested attendees
  • Recognition in press releases and advertisements relating to the event being sponsored
  • Free attendance by two (2) employees of firm/business at 12 consecutive events
  • Firm/business logo remains on INOTC banner for 12 consecutive meetings
  • Event sponsorships limited to one (1) per event (unless otherwise requested and agreed to by potential sponsors; maximum of two without approval from steering committee)
  • Cost: $500.00